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Company Profile

With more than 10.000 skyDSL customers, Global One is the market leader in the field of satellite based unidirectional broadband internet providers in Lebanon. Furthermore Global One is the Lebanese patentee for this technology.

skyDSL makes satellite broadband internet affordable for everyone

skyDSL is a 1-way broadband Internet service via satellite. The data reception from the Internet to your computer is done via satellite with up to 36,000 kbps. The data request to the Internet is sent using a so-called return link, such as a telephone line or cellular connection. The costs for hardware, installation and operation of skyDSL are comparable to a terrestrial offerings.

A successful partnership: skyDSL and Eutelsat

A skyDSL partner of many years is Eutelsat S. A., one of the largest satellite providers worldwide. The skyDSL service is transmitted from a variety of satellites, belonging to the Eutelsat-fleet. Transmission ranges from the western parts of Portugal to the Ural and from Spitsbergen to North Africa. Eutelsat ist one of the leading providers of commercial satellite solutions and maintains one of the largest fleets in the world in geo-stationary orbit, comprising a total of 23 satellites.