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Once up to the orbit and back

High-speed Internet via satellite with skyDSL now as a two-way solution 

Hatay, 26.11.07 - The alternative provider of Broadband Internet Access, Aruspex Communications will provide its Internet service via satellite also as a two-way system from the end of November. There will be additional service by the new Tooway system of satellite operator Eutelsat Communications, through its satellite fleet. Aruspex Communications has been offering satellite Internet service for 3 years. So far skyDSL as unidirectional broadband service offered. For sending the data in the Internet, the so-called back-channel, a telephone or mobile line. Through the new two-way service will now also possible, broadband Internet access via skyDSL completely independent of the existing fixed line- or mobile phone line to use. Technical requirements for the end user are a modem and a send and a satellite antenna with send-receive capability. The complete hardware package will for 549, - € acquire or 19.90 € per month for rent. The two-way service will be at 2 rate packages offered are: skyDSL 1000, a bandwidth of up to 1024 kbit / s for data downloading and up to 128 kbit / s for the upload. The basic monthly fee for a flat rate data at a price of 64.80 €, (1 or 12 months contract period), in 24 months contract period 49.80 €. The second package skyDSL 2000 - a range of up to 2048 kbit / s for downloads and 156 kbit / s for the upload. Here is the basic monthly fee of 109.80 € amount to 1 or 12 months contract period; 89.80 € for 24 months. Tooway ™ is based on that of ViaSat-developed two-way system Surf Beam ® DOCSIS ®. Through this highly platform with open standards, the cost of the necessary hardware for the use of two-way satellite Internet to be the first time the extent that the service is now available to end users interesting. Broadband Internet via satellite is an attractive alternative for not supplied with DSL regions. Without waiting periods and without costly investments in infrastructure enables skyDSL both households and businesses an immediate use of the broadband Internet.

Aruspex Communications, is the market leader in broadband Internet access via satellite. With its product skyDSL offers a fast, and immediately available nationwide broadband access to the Internet for all of Europe and Middle East.  



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