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skyDSL BOX ! plug&play
The skyDSL BOX is the first Satellite modem which provides back-channel hardware (analogue/ISDN modem device) integration. It provides everything you need for easy and rapid connection.

Prices are starting from just 199 €..

Some of new features included:
  • Plug & Play: The skyDSL BOX has to be connected to the computer by means of the network cable. There is no need for device insertion into the machine casing. Subsequently the skyDSL BOX will be contacted through a browser window and a one-time configuration has to be executed. Upon configuration completion the skyDSL service can be put into operation immediately. Neither drivers nor software have to be specifically installed anymore.

  • Completely Preinstalled software: You do NOT need to install any software for SkyDSL on your computer. SkyDSL BOX has integrated Software-module in itself.

  • Operating System independence: The skyDSL BOX functions independently from the computer's or laptop's operating system. Hence Windows-, Linux, or Mac-Users can harness the fast internet connection via skyDSL.

  • Network capability: The skyDSL BOX is not restricted to a single-user-solution, but provides network capability as well. Therefore various machines in a company- or household environment can operate the skyDSL service simultaneously.

For more detailed information, please click here to download PDF file.