Technical prerequisites to use skyDSL

In order to use skyDSL, you need a telephone line, a satellite dish and a skyDSL PCI-card or USB box in addition to your computer. You can order the skyDSL PCI-card or the USB box directly from Aruspex SkyDSL. This package then also encompasses the satellite dish (depending on the location where you would like to use skyDSL).

Ideal places for installation of your satellite dish are: window, balcony, terrace, roof, garden… Generally speaking, you need free line of sight in a southerly direction at the location, where you intend to install the satellite dish. We recommend that you contact our sales hotline, who will be able to assess exactly which satellite you should use and if you are able to receive the skyDSL-signal.

Your PC should be compliant with the following prerequisites:

Operating system Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows 2000 Service Pack 4
Windows Vista Service Pack 1
Processor Minimum requirements: Pentium III or AMD from 500 MHz
Recommended: Pentium IV or AMD from 1 GHz: with the recommended system requirements, your PC can achieve the maximum data rate of 16 Mbps.
Memory at least 128 MB RAM (we recommend 256 MB)
Hard drive 75 MB for driver and application software, at least 2 MB free memory (depending on expected data volume)
Ports a free slot for your skyDSL PCI-card or a free USB port (compatible with version 1.1)
Further Hardware Data communications equipment with which a connection can be established to the internet through a data communications network, e.g. ISDN adapter or modem
Browser at least MS Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher or Netscape Navigator version 4.6 or higher