The skyDSL Speed-Pipe Technology

More bandwidth

The Speed-Pipe Technology is an innovative development of skyDSL, which gives higher bandwidth at lower costs at the same time. The Speed-Pipe Technology is part of our uni-directional skyDSL tariffs and may be used in conjunction with our skyDSL BOX and other DVB-S2 compliant hardware. In case you want to use other hardware not supporting the current DVB-S2 standard or you choose a satellite that does not offer the Speed-Pipe Technology you can also use the skyDSL service, but the maximum bandwidth will be limited to two third of the maximum bandwidth in the respective package available.

Save money

With the new Speed-Pipe Technology volume-based billing will not be done on the data transmitted, but rather on a part of the data transmitted. The respective savings are displayed while installing and configuring the skyDSL software on your computer.