Satellite Internet using skyDSL2+

The bi-directional satellite internet service skyDSL2+ transmits and receives data directly over the satellite. Neither a landline nor a wireless connection is needed to use the skyDSL2+ service. The hardware package delivered when ordering the skyDSL2+ service consist of a satellite dish including the necessary transmitting and receiving unit and a skyDSL2+ modem.

Here's how it works:

  1. The user enters a web address, e.g. into his browser window. This data request is converted by the modem as well as encrypted and sent over the dish to the satellite.
  2. The satellite will transmit the data request to the ground station.
  3. The ground station fetches the requested data from the internet and sends it back to the satellite.
  4. The satellite transmits the data to the user: The skyDSL2+ modem will receive the information from the satellite dish, then decrypt the information and sends it directly to the web browser.

Fast surfing with the skyDSL2+ access via satellite, functions as simple as this! You can find the suitable tariff here.

Further information about technology of skyDSL, terms and conditions, and technical prerequisites can be obtained from the FAQ section.