Dial-up via the mobile phone network (UMTS/GRPS, GSM)

You do not have a fixed-network connection and use your mobile phone for speech and internet. Then we recommend to implement the skyDSL back-channel connection via the cellular phone network. For that purpose you take out a separate contract with your mobile phone provider. We recommend a data flatrate.

Here's how it works:

  1. You enter a web address,e.g. www.skydsl.net. This data request is subsequently dispatched via the mobile phone network (UMTS or GPRS) to our data processing center. We recommend that you establish your mobile phone connection with the UMTS USB mini modem that we offer.
  2. The data processing center retrieves the requested data from the internet and the data is transmitted to the skyDSL satellite.
  3. The skyDSL satellite transfers the data to your PC at lightning speed.
  4. The data will be processed for your computer by the PCI-card.
  5. At this stage, the requested page is displayed within your browser window.
Fast surfing with the skyDSL access via satellite, functions as simple as this! You can find the suitable tariff here.

Further information about skyDSL technology, contract conditions, and technical prerequisites can be obtained from the FAQ section.