No DSL available? sky DSL is your DSL alternative!

skyDSL in combination with a fixed-line-connection: Dial-in through your current provider (ISDN-/Analogue-dial-in)

You have already established a dial-up connection to the internet on your computer which you would like to continue to use with skyDSL. No problem - the internet dial-up is realized via your current provider (e.g. Orange, Alice, Eircom ...) and your skyDSL-program is activated in collaboration with that connection. In the skyDSL configuration dialog you have to highlight the respective connection in the section settings/dial-up, select your provider and confirm by clicking the Apply-button.


The procedure is as simple as this:

  1. You enter a web address such as This data request will be dispatched to our data processing centre via your conventional internet connection.
  2. The data processing centre fetches the requested data from the internet and directs them towards the skyDSL-satellite.
  3. The skyDSL-satellite transmits the data to your computer at cyberspeed.
  4. The data will be prepared by the PCI-card or skyDSL BOX, for your computer.
  5. Now you can examine the requested page on your screen.

Fast surfing with the skyDSL access via satellite, functions as simple as this! You can find the suitable tariff here.

Further information about skyDSL technology, contract conditions, and technical prerequisites can be obtained from the FAQ section.