The bi-directional skyDSL2+ package

The skyDSL2+ hardware package includes:
  • 110cm satellite antenna including universal mount
  • Mounting accessories
  • Transmitting and receiving unit
  • skyDSL2+ satellite modem

Installation of satellite modems skyDSL2+

Connect the antenna cable with the skyDSL2+ satellite modem. The equipment is connected by the LAN connection with your computer.
An installation of drivers or software on your PC is not necessary. The skyDSL2+ satellite modem is already configured. After a First successful registration in your Internet browser you can surf immediately. More informations for the application e.g. in the network are in our FAQ.

The uni-directional skyDSL package

Contained in the skyDSL package is (in dependence on the package, chosen):
  • a satellite dish with a digital LNB (Low Noise Block Converter)
  • 10 m dish cable and a wall holder
  • a skyDSL DVB-S-PCI-card or skyDSL BOX (digital satellite receiver)
  • the skyDSL installation software on CD-ROM (inclusive the drivers and software for the delivered DVB-S hardware)
  • an installation manual
  • a skyDSL-Quick-Guide for instant installation
  • a compass

skyDSL BOX installation

Connect the dish coax cable to the skyDSL BOX. Afterwards connect the LAN cable from the skyDSL BOX to your computer.
The configuration of the skyDSL BOX can be easily done with your internet browser. More information about the skyDSL BOX can be found here.

USB-box installation

Connect the dish-cable with the USB box and the USB cable of the USB box with your computer. Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 will recognize the new hardware automatically. When prompted install the driver coming with USB box on a software-CD first. After installing the device drivers use the included software-CD to install the software for the USB hardware and afterwards the skyDSL software


PCI card installation

Please remove the power cable of your computer, before you start with the installation.
For the installation of the PCI-card a free slot in your computer is required. After the computer casing has been opened, fixate the card carefully in a free slot and tighten the screws.
As a next step, connect the dish-cable with the PCI-card. Afterwards the power adapter can be can be connected and the computer can be switched on. Windows 2000 and Windows XP will recognize the new hardware automatically. Use the included skyDSL-software-CD to install the proper drivers and software for the DVB-S hardware.

skyDSL software installation

The installation of skyDSL on your machine is very easy.
Insert the CD and follow the individual steps of installation, which will be laid out to you by the software.