Montage and Configuration

Mounting of the satellite dish

Point the satellite dish in a roughly southerly direction. Please use the compass included to do this. During the installation process the skyDSL software will provide you with more precise instructions as to where the satellite dish should point.

Now you simply need to connect the LNB (receiver on the satellite dish) with the coaxial cable which leads to your computer (your USB box or PCI card to be more precise).

SkyDSL-Software configuration and adjustment of satellite dish (for satellite signal)

Start the software and the frequency search program. After a short time, the frequency search will show you the strength of the satellite signal. Move the satellite dish very gently until the signal is at its strongest.

Thats it!

Now connection between your computer and skyDSL satellite is established.

We hope you have fun surfing the internet at high speed with skyDSL.