The skyDSL Fairly use Policy

The Fairness Policy allows us to offer an attractive offer and at the same time an excellent achievement to our private customers with all skyDSL rates. The skyDSL service is, like all the other DSL technologies likewise, a service in which indefinitely range is not available. An excessive use by single users can have a negative consequence on the efficiency of the entire service. That's why the Fairly Use Policy prefers customers who use less data volumes in comparison to other customers in the private customer rates of the 1st gear. (Referring to all customers who receive data at the moment). With those customers who use less data volumes the inquiries put on the Internet are worked accordingly preferentially.

How can I behave as a skyDSL customer fairly for the purposes of the Fairly Use Policy?

Customers with bigger download volume have the possibility to use the 2nd Gear in the skyDSL rates for additional 1.5 ct/mb. The 2nd Gear is not affected by the Fair Use Policy.