No DSL available? sky DSL ist your DSL alternative!

How skyDSL functions

skyDSL ? the term stands for broadband internet via satellite for everybody who cannot obtain DSL access!
skyDSL is a uni-directional highspeed internet service available area-wide in Europe. skyDSL uses the satellite route for the reception of data from the internet and requires a back-channel for the dispatch of data towards the internet. This back channel can be implemented as an analogue, ISDN, or as a mobile connection.
skyDSL functions similar to a data turbo: You employ the analogue, ISDN, or mobile connection to execute your internet data request. The requested web pages will then be transmitted via the satellite on your computer at lightning speed.

The back-channel connection refers to the means, by which you connect to the internet, e.g. to request the display of a web page. (such as
You can use skyDSL very simply in collaboration with your already existing fixed-line connection. Should you prefer to take advantage of skyDSL independently from the fixed-line-network, you can opt to implement a mobile solution via the cellular phone network, in order to surf with skyDSL.