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Answers about the topic Internet connection

Do I need additional hardware for the internet dial-up connection?
Simply use your analogue modem or your ISDN-hardware to connect to the internet.
Should you opt to establish your internet connection via mobile phone using GPRS/ UMTS., a suitable mobile telephone or a UMTS USB mini modem is required.
Apart from these devices no other hardware is needed.
If you employ the skyDSL LAN BOX, no other additional hardware is required, due to the fact that the skyDSL LAN BOX is already equipped with an analogue modem, as well as an ISDN-adapter.
Do I need a separate telephone line for the internet dial-up-connection, even when using skyDSL?
Yes, an established internet connection is required. This is due to the fact that even when skyDSL is used, there is a continuous flow of data towards the internet via the telephone line. Only the data that you receive from the internet, is transmitted at large bandwidth by means of satellite. (please refer to How skyDSL functions as well). Your internet connection can be established by employing:

  • an analogue telephone connection via modem or skyDSL LAN BOX
  • an ISDN-connection via PCI-ISDN-card inserted in your computer, PCMCIA-card in a laptop, USB-Adapter, or skyDSL LAN BOX
  • an ISDN-PBX (Private Branch Exchange)
  • a mobile phone per GSM, GPRS, EDGE or UMTS
  • a conventional DSL-connection that is used to link up to the internet
Which provider am I supposed to use for establishing a dial-up connection to the internet?
In general the Internet Service Provider for the dial-up connection is freely selectable. It is obligatory that you are assigned a unique, public IP-address during the session. A static IP-address is not needed. Under regular circumstances, the IP-address will be assigned to you, dynamically. If in doubt, please contact your ISPs support, regarding this issue.
I do not have a fixed-line telephone connection. Is it possible to use skyDSL nonetheless?
You can use skyDSL in combination with a mobile phone as well. The upload will be realized, subject to the speeds available through the UMTS- or GPRS-network. the connection between the mobile phone and the PC must be cable-based. Alternatively a Bluetooth- or Infrared interface can be used alternatively, if available. Naturally, suitable PCMCIA-cards (for Laptops) or a UMTS USB mini modems (for PCs) can be used as well.

At the present time and with the current firmware the establishment of an internet connection by means of UMTS/ GPRS can not be realized when using the skyDSL LAN BOX.

Answers about the topic Technical Support

What type of technical support is offered by skyDSL?
The quickest way to receive assistance is to consult the FAQs. Complementary, a search function has been implemented on the website for your convenience. Should these efforts not result in a satisfactory answer to your query, our technical staff-members are at your disposal by telephone. This service is available in the following languages: German, English, French, Italian, or Spanish at international rates or via local service numbers, respectively.
Further information on telephone numbers and service-availability-times can be found in our customer section , where you will find the support-form as well.
What can be done, if I have lost or forgotten my password?
In case your password has been forgotten, you have the option to log in to the customer section with the assistance of your 24-digit skyNumber and subsequently register a new Login-name/password combination.
Where can I find the customer section?
The customer section can be accessed upon entering your login-details in the related fields. For initial login the 24-digit skyNumber is required.. The skyNumber can be obtained from the delivery bill. The customer section offers the possibility to modify your personal details, to examine your contract details and your connection details, as well as setting up your personal skyEmail-address, and lodging requests for desired skyFIP pages.

Answers about the topic Surfing

Do weather conditions affect the speed at which I can surf?
With regular cloud coverage and average rainfall, skyDSL can be operated without restrictions. There is a possibility that the signal level displayed in the connection wizard might be reduced by 5-10% but this does not affect the quality of surfing. Extreme weather conditions (e.g. thunderstorms, heavy downpours) can lead to restrictions on data transmission.
Does skyDSL use the satellite in both directions?
skyDSL uses the satellite uni-directional. The satellite dish can only receive data. Requests and data that have to be dispatched towards the internet, cannot be send to the satellite directly. That's why skyDSL requires a telephone connection to the internet (analogue, ISDN, DSL, or mobile).
Various providers offer bi-directional satellite connections. This solution offers direct communication via satellite in both directions. On the downside, it must be mentioned that costs for both, the acquisition of the necessary hardware and the data transfer between user and satellite, are considerably higher. In other words: skyDSL and taking advantage of existing telephone lines for linking up to the internet is a cheap alternative to bi-directional solutions. skyDSL harnesses the advantages of the satellite connection, namely the fast download of internet pages. In comparison, the amount of data that has to be uploaded is only a fraction of the downloaded volume for most users. Hence, reduced speed when dispatching data and requests, due to a conventionally established internet connection, is from the user's point of view, only marginally recognizable. Further information can be obtained from the section Internet dial-up.
Which factors determine the transmission speed?

General remarks, concerning maximum attainable speed during internet activities.

The skyDSL service puts you in a position to harness fast and cost-efficient internet connectivity for downloads, in almost all of Europe. The maximum data rate that skyDSL can operate at is 24,000 Kbit/s.

Reality clearly shows that not all websites do support these speed levels. Hence it can happen that pages for which you initiated a request are displayed slower than expected. One reason for this is an unsatisfactory terrestrial link between the server from which your data is to be retrieved and the internet. Furthermore page-requests which are simultaneously submitted by a multitude of users, can lead to restrictions on the individual data rates. If these scenarios apply, we do not have - as is the case with any provider - any tools at our disposal that could influence achievable speed.

Speed determining factors I: General conditions that prevail on the internet

Quality of the dial-up connection
In dependence of the chosen Internet-Service-Provider (ISP), and the resulting difference in the employed infrastructure, it must be assumed that individual quality standards governing the transmission of data are varying. Furthermore data-transmission-quality depends on the respective current capacity utilization and thus can vary to a considerable degree.

Quality of the network nodes.
The connections provided by the ISPs are pooled at the so-called network nodes. Since this involves fresh data processing efforts, delays are caused by the computing periods. In addition node bandwidth is shared by various ISPs.
Since usually more than one node is participating in the maintenance of an internet connection, the data-package-transportation-time - and conclusively the bandwidth, depends on the network nodes' capacity utilization.

Quality and capacity utilization of the participating web-servers
If a particular internet page is simultaneously requested by a multitude of users, the transmission of data can possibly be delayed. Please note that modern web pages consist of a variety of data (text, graphic, animation) which has to be located and collected from backend servers. As a result, numerous parallel running processes have to be handled. These activities very often cause the servers involved to be stretched to capacities.

Speed determining factors II: Employed technology

Is my computer fast enough?
If your machine meets the features listed in the requirements section, proper functioning of skyDLS can be guaranteed.

Do I use the proper hardware?
In principle the PCI-card we have on offer, the USB-Box, or the skyDSL LAN BOX can be used in collaboration with skyDSL. The PCI-card has to be inserted into a free PCI-slot inside your computer casing. The USB-Box is an external device that will be connected to your PC via a USB-cable. The skyDSL LAN BOX will be connected to the computer via a network cable. If you want to operate the skyDSL service on a notebook, it is essential to acquire either the USB-Box or the skyDSL LAN BOX. The PCI-card is not suitable for notebooks.
Please note that the maximum data rate is limited to 4,000 Kbit/s, if a USB-Box or the skyDSL LAN BOX is implemented. Information, regarding hardware that we tested can be obtained from the FAQ as well.

Do I have the proper skyDSL software installed?
Always use the latest skyDSL software version to ensure that optimal data transmission can be realized. The latest skyDSL software version can be downloaded in the customer section. In addition you will find a selection of the latest operation- and installation manuals.

Speed determining factors III:: The current user behaviour

The total bandwidth, provided by the satellite, is always made available to all users. As is the case with all other internet technologies, the satellite connection via skyDSL is a shared medium. This implies that all customers sharing this medium at any given time, will in effect share the bandwidth, made available.

Is it feasible to combine skyDSL with conventional DSL?
Yes, this can be done. By using skyDSL, download speed of conventional DSL-connections can be increased considerably. (to a maximum of 24,000 Kbit/s). The data transmission to the internet is executed by means of the conventional DSL connection.
Channel bundling
The term Channel bundling describes a feature which combines the satellite channel and the terrestrial dial-in channel. If Channel bundling is activated, the skyDSL server will automatically add the terrestrial capacities to the satellite channel, once the maximum available bandwidth for the respective end-user, has dropped below a specific predefined value. This leads to enhanced bandwidth for the end-customer. Especially when web pages are requested, Channel bundling leads to reduced processing periods and therefore additional acceleration of page display. After the installation of skyDSL, Channel bundling is activated by default.

Answers about the topic Prerequisites

Can I operate skyDSL with more than one computer (e.g. within a networked environment)?
Yes, skyDSL can be operated with more than one machine. The skyDSL Hard- and software should be installed on the "main computer", which is linked to the other computers via the network. Client network-access can be implemented by means of Microsoft's Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) or alternatively via a proxy-solution.
The additionally offered Offline-Services skyFIP, skyRFD, and skyEmail are only available on the "main computer". Further information can be obtained from the user's manual.
For our customers' convenience a detailed manual describing the usage of skyDSL in a networked environment has been made available for download in the customer section.
The skyDSL LAN BOX is not limited to be a solution for stand-alone-machines, but can be employed in a networked environment as well. Hence more that one computer within a company or a private setting can use the skyDSL service simultaneously.
What hardware options are available for the skyDSL service?
We recommend to implement the hardware (PCI-card, USB-Box, skyDSL LAN BOX) that we offer to be delivered with the product. Alternatively the following PCI-cards/USB-boxes -  tested by us - can be used:

  • TechnoTrend TT-budget S-1401 (WDM Software + driver, Version 2.19h)
  • TechniSat SkyStar 2 TV PCI (Setup4PC / Server4PC)

  • TechnoTrend TT-connect S-1200 (WDM Software + driver, Version 2.19g)
  • TechniSat SkyStar USB (Setup4PC / Server4PC)

We do not assume any form of guarantee for hardware that has been provided by third parties.
How long does it take to implement skyDSL?
We will provide you with detailed instructions on the hard- and software installation. These instructions will lead you through the implementation process in simple comprehensible steps and will point out to you how to put skyDSL into operational use. The time that has to be invested for the installation depends on the particular circumstances of the specific installation site to a considerable degree.
Please consider the following aspects when conducting your implementation-time planning:
  • Mounting and alignment of the satellite dish
  • Dish cable layout to the PC/notebook site
  • PCI-cart insertion within the PC or connecting the USB-Box or skyDSL LAN BOX to your computer
  • Installation of the skyDSL-Software/ configuration of the skyDSL LAN BOX
  • Alignment of the satellite dish to the skyDSL satellite signal
What is the size of the skyDSL dish?
The satellite dish we deliver at the present time has a diameter of 80 cm.
Is it possible to use another LNB (Satellite reception device)?
We recommend to use the LNB, included in the delivery. Should you opt to use another LBN, please make sure that the frequency range (= intermediate frequency -> IF) 950 to 2150 MHz is used for the skyDSL service. Thus, the LNB of your choice must be able to receive signals in the upper frequency range. Only digital LNBs do meet this requirement. We do not assume any form of guarantee for hardware acquired from third parties.
I already have a satellite dish to watch TV. Can I use this dish?
If you do not need your existing dish for TV reception, you can readjust it to the skyDSL satellite. You need a digital LNB in order to use skyDSL. However if you want to continue receiving TV programs with your existing satellite dish, you will need a separate dish for skyDSL.
Can I operate skyDSL on a Windows VISTA machine?
In regard to the operating system Windows VISTA, there are restrictions if skyDSL shall be installed with the current software version. (These restrictions concern the hardware used) For the PCI-card and the USB-Box, manufactured by TechnoTrend, Vista-enabled drivers are not available yet.
Since the skyDSL LAN BOX functions independently from the machine's operating system, Windows Vista users can take advantage of skyDSL if the system is implemented by means of the skyDSL LAN BOX.
I already own a satellite dish for TV-reception. Is it possible to use this dish for skyDSL as well?
A separate satellite dish is needed for the skyDSL service, since the different satellite positions cannot be simultaneously covered by a single conventional satellite dish. Specialized satellite dishes that render possible reception of satellites located in different positions, are offered by the retail market. We recommend to resort to a specialized installer for the installation, if you intent to implement such a solution.
Is the cable that runs from the dish to the DVD-Hardware subject to a maximum length?
There's no unambiguous answer to that question. In general we recommend to use the cable, included in the delivery, which has a length of 10 m. If it is necessary to bridge longer distances between the dish to the DVD-hardware, we recommend to consult a specialist installer.
Can I operate skyDSL on a Mac?
Using skyDSL in combination with an Apple Macintosh computer is unfeasible with the current software version for PCs.
The skyDSL LAN BOX operates independently from the operating system installed on the PC or the laptop. Thus, when the skyDSL LAN BOX is implemented, fast internet connection via skyDSL is available to Windows-, Linux, or Mac-users alike.
Can I operate skyDSL on machines running on Windows NT, Linux, OS/2 Warp, or BSD?
At the present time skyDSL can be run under the operating systems Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Operating skyDSL with Windows NT, Linux, BSD and OS/2 is impossible with the current PC software version.
The skyDSL LAN BOX operates independently from the operating system installed on the PC or the laptop. Thus, when the skyDSL LAN BOX is implemented, fast internet connection via skyDSL is available to Windows-, Linux, or Mac-users alike.
Which prerequisites have to be met in order to use skyDSL?
For the trouble-free usage of skyDSL, the following prerequisites must be met:

1. Connection to the internet
You need a connection to the internet. Internet dial-in can be established by:
  • an analogue telephone connection by means of a modem or the skyDSL LAN BOX
  • an ISDN-connection per PCI-ISDN-adapter in your computer, a PCMCIA-card in a Laptop, an USB-Adapter or the skyDSL LAN BOX
  • an ISDN-Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
  • a mobile telephone per GSM, GPRS, EDGE or UMTS
  • a conventional DSL-connection

2. Suitable location to mount the satellite dish
The satellite dish requires a free view towards the satellite. This implies that e.g. no high-rise buildings, trees, or mountains should hamper dish exposure in direction towards the satellite, otherwise proper satellite reception could be considerably limited or even impossible.
A description with hints on how to examine the sight-line can be found in the related PDF-File, which has been made available for download.
During location-planning, please keep in mind that the satellite dish has to be connected to the computer via a satellite cable. (Cable-arrangement and fixation).

3. Approval to mount the satellite dish
If you reside in a rented flat, you might need your landlord's approval, prior to mounting a satellite antenna. Therefore, please make sure, before you place an order, if your landlord will approve to the implementation of a satellite dish.

4. Modern computer
Your computer has to meet the some requirements, to be equipped with the necessary hardware (skyDSL PCI-card, or skyDSL USB-Box) and to be able to process and save the data that has been dispatched from the satellite

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Should you opt to implement the skyDSL LAN BOX, the above-mentioned minimum requirements for your computer do not apply
The machine must simply be equipped with a network interface (Ethernet). The skyDSL LAN BOX will be configured by means of the webbrowser. Data transmission from the skyDSL LAN BOX to the computer occurs over the network interface

If the above-mentioned prerequisites have been met, all obstacles in the way of using the super-fast skyDSL internet connection via satellite have been removed.
Can I operate skyDSL at any location desired?
In principal the skyDSL service provides immediate availability all over Europe, due to the satellite-based data transfer. All that has to be done is to mount a satellite antenna (the so-called "dish"§) at a suitable location. Suitable - in this context - implies, e.g. walls of buildings, roofs, balconies, or terraces, provided that the chosen assembly-site has an unobstructed view to the sky- at an elevation angle of about 30 ° in direction towards the satellite. Please note that the landlord's approval might be mandatory, if the satellite dish is to be installed on the grounds of a rented flat.
In which countries does skyDSL function?
Internationally the skyDSL-service is marketed and administered by TELES skyDSL Europe B.V. and TELES skyDSL UK Ltd.. The service is available in almost all of Europe.
Can I use skyDSL onboard a vehicle or a boat?
Principally, the skyDSL-service can be used on movable objects. What has to be taken into consideration is that the reception of satellite signals, while in motion, is only possible if an automatically readjustable satellite dish is employed. If a firmly-mounted scenario applies, a realignment has to be performed upon each location change (e.g., on campgrounds). Please note that a telephone connection for the internet-dial-up is needed (analogue, ISDN, DSL, or mobile phone).
Which factors determine whether skyDSL should be implemented in combination with a PCI-card or with a USB-Box instead?
In principle the PCI-card or the USB-Box can be used to operate the skyDSL service. IN contrast to the USB-Box the PCI-card requires a free PCI-slot on the computer's mainboard and has to be inserted accordingly. The USB-Box is an external device, which will be connected to the computer by means of a USB-cable. In case you would like to use the skyDSL service in combination with a notebook, implementation of a USB-Box as the skyDSL hardware of choice, is mandatory. The PCI-card is not suitable for notebooks.
In contrast to these limitations, the skyDSL LAN BOX can be implemented with both, a desktop computer as well as a laptop.
Please note that the maximum possible data rate that can be attained if either the USB-Box or the skyDSL LAN BOX is employed, is 4,000 Kbit/s.

Answers about the topic skyDSL LAN BOX

In what context can the skyDSL LAN BOX be operated?
The skyDSL LAN BOX can be put into action in both environments, a stand-alone PC and a local area network (LAN). In a networked environment it can be integrated by means of a WLAN- or LAN-Router, a HUB, a Switch or an Internet-Router.
Can I alter the IP-Address assigned to the skyDSL LAN BOX?
The skyDSL LAN BOX has been assigned the default IP-address This address can be altered if desired. The IP-address has to be within the range – The private address ranges 172.x.x.x and 10.x.x.x cannot be used in collaboration with the skyDSL LAN BOX at the present time.
What operating systems are supported by the skyDSL LAN BOX?
The skyDSL LAN BOX functions independently from the PC's or laptop's operating system. Hence, Windows-, Linux-,or Mac-users can take advantage of the fast internet connection provided by skyDSL.
How can I integrate the skyDSL LAN BOX within my already existing network?
The skyDSL LAN BOX operates within the IP-address range 192.168.x.x . If that matches your networks address range, simply connect the skyDSL LAN BOX to your network per switch. If a DHCP-server is already active in the network, it should be turned off, since the skyDSL LAN BOX has DHCP-functionality. If the DHCP-Server has to remain active within the network, or if static IP-addresses are used, the skyDSL LAN BOX-built-in DHCP-server has to be switched off. The skyDSL LAN BOX must receive an according IP-address.
Should your network run on a different private IP-address-range, you must modify it to 192.168.x.x, before using the skyDSL LAN BOX.
Please note the manual's hints.
Does the skyDSL LAN BOX support ISDN-channel bundling?
ISDN-channel bundling cannot be realized with the present versions of the skyDSL LAN BOX.
How can I connect to the internet when operating the skyDSL LAN BOX?
An analogue modem and an ISDN-adapter have been already integrated in the skyDSL LAN BOX. These components can be used to establish the internet connection. In addition, the internet dial-up can be realized by a DSL router, already available. In this case the DSL-router has to be entered as default-gateway in the skyDSL LAN BOX.
Dialing up per UMTS/ GPRS is not feasible with the skyDSL LAN BOX at the present time.
What speed is achievable when using the skyDSL LAN BOX?
The maximum download rate that can be achieved when employing the skyDSL LAN BOX is 4,000 kBit/s.
The skyDSL LAN BOX has a USB-port interface. How can I put these USB-ports into use?
The skyDSL LAN BOX is equipped with USB-ports. These are to provide connectivity for storage- and other USB-devices (e.g. UMTS USB mini Modem). In the current firmware-version these ports are not functional yet. A software update, which we will make available in your customer section's download area, will eventually provide support for the USB-ports. You will be informed about the availability of this software by E-Mail.
Can the skyDSL Offline-Services be used in collaboration with the skyDSL LAN BOX?
The Offline-services skyMail, skyRFD, and skyFIP are unfortunately not operational with the current version of the skyDSL LAN BOX.
However, skyMail is available as an Online service (upon Mail retrieval, a connection to the internet has to be established).

Answers about the topic skyDSL included services

How can I download a large file in offline mode?
skyRFD (RFD = Request For Download) enables you to download files without prior establishment of an internet connection. This implies that data requests, previously requested online, will be conveyed to your computer at a later point in time. At this stage there is no necessity for an internet connection. Furthermore this service does not accrue any additional expenses. In dependence of the chosen tariff, a data volume of between 60 MB and 1,000 MB per billing period, can be handled by means of the skyRFD service, free of charge. In order to ensure data reception, the computer must be turned on.
Unfortunately this service is not available for users of the skyDSL LAN BOX at the present time.
How can I download my e-mails to my computer without an active telephone connection?
skyEmail is another free service, which enables you to receive E-Mails offline. Provided that the computer is switched on, E-Mails can be dispatched to your machine continuously, without actually being connected to the internet. Here's how it works:
Please set up your own skyDSL mailbox in the customer section . Set the "automatic forwarding" option for your current E-Mail addresses to the new skyDSL E-Mail address. Subsequently all your E-Mails will be automatically redirected to the skyDSL mailbox and send to your computer, immediately. Please turn to your Internet/E-Mail-provider, with which you have registered your current E-Mail-Address, to obtain details on how the E-Mail-Forwarding feature can be set. The user manual provides hints, concerning the configuration of E-Mail-programs.
Unfortunately skyMail is currently only available online (when retrieving mails, a connection to the internet must be established), if you use the skyDSL LAN BOX.
Is it possible to make subsequent changes to the skyFIP Cache?
Yes, you can modify the size as well as the directory of the Cache. For that purpose, enter the skyDSL software - skyDSL settings section and select "Performance". Subsequently open the tab "Cache".
In this section you can stipulate the maximum cache size and the hard disk space that should remain to be unused. In addition, cache content can be deleted and the cache directory can be modified.
The Cache size is primarily determined by the skyFIP pages, you've subscribed to, because these pages determine the storage space, required
Unfortunately this service is not available for users of the skyDSL LAN BOX at the present time.